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The Hipnotik Experience

Established in 2012 Hipnotik prides itself as the home of  African hip hop for celebrities,rising stars and fans!

The Hipnotik experience will be hybrid; boasting unique physical events in the Kingdom of Eswatini & online experiences leading to September 3 & 4 2022.

Live Performances

Watch live or online and see why Hipnotik is the home for A-List celebrities & rising stars in hip hop.



Beat Battles, Rap Battles, Skating and Gaming Tournaments. Participants will win unique Hipnotik cash prizes and perks.



Buy unique streetwear fashion, meal experiences, a fresh haircut or simply get a tattoo fit for a festival.


Festival Gallery


This year, the Hipnotik Festival will be upgraded with lots of activities and sub-programs to assist friends and partners run immersive marketing campaigns for their products and services.